Monday, September 21, 2009

Squirrel Hunts and Pie Chomps

Another sunny day in Candy Kitchen.

Harvest Festival was Saturday!

After so long, Max was finally picked as a pie judge (a highly coveted position indeed) for the pie contest this year. He ate almost a whole pie. The winning pie, apple-strawberry-raspberry, got auctioned off for fifty bucks. Shevy bid on a massive zucchini in the vegetable auction (it won largest veggie, I think) and won it for four dollars. It was quite fun! Max rolled into the pick-up as we left, belching and moaning with the enormity of his position, made official with the "Judge" ribbon in gold lettering.

We're almost finished remodeling the kitchen in Max and Shevy's mobile home. We put up the last of the ceiling yesterday. Now all we have to do is paint, install the woodstove and lay the flooring for the living room.

Lots of rains have come through and since the cats and dogs are all gone, mice and squirrels have taken to rummaging in my pantry for midnight snacks. I have had virtually no sleep. Yesterday morning I found a bold, fat squirrel kicking back in the pantry. I shooed it, and as it walked out the door like it owned the place, the girth of it even caught Max's eyes. He cried out in alarm, "There it is! There it is! Oh, my God, it's huge!" He barely escaped with his life as the enormous squirrel threw it's weight out the door rudely, barreling past Max like a barbarian.

Upon closer inspection of the empty glass milk bottle sitting on the floor of the pantry, I found a fairly fresh, organic free-range mouse...

It's high time to adopt kittens.

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