Monday, October 4, 2010

A Few Highlights of the Last Mountain Ramble

The alpacas, Levi, Reese, Vinnie and Junio, from left to right

The llama, Hummer, and the two pygora goats, Marguerite and Bonk

The outdoor kitchen

My sleeping quarters

The Water Vehicle (a Cadillac hearse rigged with a very Mad Max style 200 gallon system in the back, complete with a tiny racing wheel and, yes, it handles like it wants to crash over these rutted dirt roads)

And of course my lovely sister Rose at farmer's market (I also have a stalwart soon-to-be oath-brother, Max, but for some reason I have no photos of him, and it's too bad because he looks as fierce as ever)...oh, and the jolly lady behind us is the phenomenal baker Gloria

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