Friday, June 26, 2009

The Monsoons are upon Zuni

Thunder is galloping in from Defiance Plateau. The wind is whistling between the stucco houses. The rain comes in waves, the sound indistinguishable from the wind-swept trees. It is four-thiry in the afternoon. They are right on time.

I saw the strange centipede again this morning. The yellow goat's beard seedheads, which look like large dandelion seedheads, are in full bloom. I sat behind the corn and squash this morning to draw a charcoal of the mesas behind Blackrock Reservoir, which is dry but verdant. The scanner here doesn't seem to work with the computer, otherwise I would have posted the drawing.

I've been sprouting adzuki and lentils, so I steamed some and made tostadas on fried corn tortillas with cheese, cumin and chili powder. They were tasty-fried-delightful.

Filled with too much caffeine and a bit human-starved (three-and-a-half days since I've interacted with one), I galloped and skipped to Finnish-folk-death metal, giggling and pretending I was a unicorn. I'm laughing out loud recounting this. I must have been inspired by the two or more double sky-wide rainbows that have appeared to me over the past few days.

The rains are subsiding. They'll most likely be back at the same time tomorrow or the next.

The photo was taken by David Bazan about a kilometer south of here. It is a Zuni cemetary.

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