Monday, June 15, 2009

Texas Rangers Game and the Sunday Brunch Culminating in a Motorcycle Ride

Saturday Amanda's dad Brad gave us tickets to the Texas Rangers game in Arlington. The Rangers played the LA Dodgers. I had never been to a baseball game before. Sara, Chris, Amanda and I all drove down together. We pigged out on Sonic beforehand. I had chili cheese tots and felt vaguely poisoned with sodium and meat product. But it was good. The Stadium was huge, and walking up in throngs of Texan sports fans, hearing loudspeakers and the Star Spangled Banner, I was struck by the overwhelming feeling of history. Here I was, a country heathen not so well disguised in the midst of the citizens of the Empire in the Coliseum. Between my obvious queer appearances and Sara's loud remarks making fun of the war and some things about Iranians, the large redneck sitting next to Amanda was squirming in his seat. Amanda told Sara to pipe down, "We're in Texas!"

The game was slow. After four innings no one scored. Sara and I mocked the corn syrup content of the margarita drinks being sold by the walking vendors. She said something to the effect of feeling like she was getting diabetes just watching the people eat. One of the lights wouldn't come on so the game was delayed. We entertained ourselves with paper fans folded out of the baseball program. We bounced an alternating oompa dance to the baseball organ. Finally three scantily clad young girls ran out onto the green to toss free shirts at the restless crowd. More cheers erupted than sounded for the actual game. Sara and I donned elitist musketeer accents and said silly things like, "Unhand your shirt, wench!" But no shirts were tossed our way.

An hour and a half later the lights still weren't on so we became bored and left to go drink at home and watch the lightning to the north. Via internet phone Chris retrieved that the Dodgers won 3 to 1 with one home run each. All in all, we had a fantastic time.

Sunday morning Ma knocked on my door announcing the commencement of brunch-making. I helped her make cheddar biscuits while she cooked off bacon, potatoes and eggs. Her boyfriend Gary joined us to eat. It was delicious. The best meal I've had so far, though I have been sampling some tasty Texas wares such as enchiladas, chicken-fried steak, BBQ and fried catfish. My mouth is still watering.

Mom invited me to take a ride with Gary on the motorcycle. I accepted. With my mother calling "Hold on!" we rode off to see the country roads west of Denton. The wind was cool on the sweltering day. The sun beat down and wafted up from the cycle at every stop. Sweat beaded on my back and chest. We rode through wildflowers and past streams. Butterflies and birds flew around us. We stopped to pick horsemint for Ma. He joked about popping a wheelie and I wished he would have. A great blue heron took off in flight at a stream next to us. On the way home he joked that I should jump off a block before and pretend I fell off to Ma. I hopped off ungracefully and presented the mint to Ma.

A nice end and beginning to the week. A nice farewell to Texas, for in two days I fly to New Mexico.

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