Thursday, May 28, 2009

All American Farm Lunch

Gramma has trouble eating anything that isn't soft on account of her teeth being gone. She likes coffee and mayonnaise and it was a running joke growing up that if you go to her house for lunch she'd offer you SPAM or Vienna sausages in the can (Wienies, she'd call em). I made her this today with veggies and herbs from Cardo's Farm and a package of Annie's mac n cheese. I just chopped the beets and turnips and boiled them in with the noodle water. When the roots were slightly tender, I added the noodles, cooked the noodles in with the roots, then drained it, mixed it up with the cheese, and added chopped fresh dill, fennel and parsley. Gramma likes it better than the blueberries and cheerios she hardly ate this morning. It's half past noon and she's still working on her morning coffee and eating bites between cutting squares for the quilts we're all going to get some year...Christmas 2012?

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