Saturday, May 30, 2009

Medical Articles on Hormone Altering Chemical Pollution

According to Peter Eisler of USA Today, "Two billion pounds of insecticides, herbicides and other agricultural chemicals are applied each year to fields, gardens and forests in the USA. That accounts for a third of the $33 billion spent annually on pesticides worldwide."

And in 2003 Bush exempted pesticide companies from lawsuits!

Did you know that the half-life of DDT, the one of the most toxic pesticides ever used, is 57.5 years in temperate soils? It wasn't banned in the States until 1972...

Scariest part is that it will take a few more generations for all of its' effects to blossom, as it were.

I know I've had at least one conversation with all close to me about estrogenic environmental pollutants. Other than pesticides, whats the other huge estrogenic product? Plastic. We put everything in plastic, including our water, which with we absorb toxins through our skin more readily than through our digestive system.

There has also been research on linking higher levels of estrogen to cancer...

Here are the articles...

Developmental effects of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in wildlife and humans.

Compounds in Plastic Packaging Act as Environmental Estrogens and Can Alter Genes in Breast Tissue

Activation of Estrogen Signaling Pathways Promotes Cancer

Is industry creating more trans queers unwittingly through endocrine disruption? Ironically, it's just what mother nature needs for human population control...she is a dynamical system prepared to balance our amplifying feedback loops...

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