Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our First Farmer's Market!

Today Cardo's Sprout Farm had their first farmer's market at the lawn of Soho Salon in Denton! This is the farm where my sister has worked and lived for years. They operate with biodynamic principles, have a cow, over a hundred free range chickens, a garden for the CSA that just started up and wheatgrass and sunflower sprouts. I've had the honor of being more involved volunteering the past four years when I'm not traveling elsewhere, from chicken harvesting to helping with the construction of an earthbag dome shelter. Yesterday I helped my sister harvest and package vegetables, greens and flowers for bouquets and today we ran the very first market day on the lawn of my mother's beauty salon. We didn't come close to selling out, but it's the first day. Also, what's more important is the community involvement, sharing the priorities of growing your own food and supporting local farmers. We sold all nine dozen eggs, all our beets and quite a few greens. The rest will go to charity. We'll have market every Saturday at 7:30am and every Wednesday at 6pm at Soho Salon on the corner of Locust and Ferguson. Sundays are Community Day at Cardo's Sprout Farm in Ponder, 10am to 4pm. Thanks everybody for your support and we hope to see you Wednesday evening!

P.S. check out my brother Max's blog...

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